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Barry Cooper hits NPR

April 11, 2010

This week on NPR’s This American Life:

Act Two. Taking a Big Pink Eraser to the Thin Blue Line

Michael May tells the story of Barry Cooper, a former crooked narcotics cop who has turned his interest elsewhere… to busting crooked narcotics cops. But after Cooper and a rich benefactor team up to set a trap for the police, Barry’s plans are put in jeopardy- including his dream of creating a reality show called “Kop Busters.” Michael May is the Culture editor at the Texas Observer. You can watch videos of Barry’s police raids at their website. (15 minutes)

The ending seems a little flat as in ‘you can’t fight city hall’ (propaganda phrase). Free Talk Live listeners have more of the background (March 26, March 13) but it does expose the drug war criminals.



November 20, 2008

We believe in America, The Constitution, the Rule of Law. We are taught these concept throughout our youth and we believe. We are taught that anarchy is chaos; to be avoided at all cost. Never question your beliefs.

Dont even think about questioning authority.

Don't even think about questioning authority.

Not so FreeTalkLive

November 15, 2008

FreeTalkLive host, Ian, arrested and jailed in Keene N.H. for contempt of court. The dispute arose over a tenant’s couch on a porch. The code enforcement issue is taking a bite out of the wallets of the Keene taxpayers. Bureaucrats serving themselves at the expense of the people protect their egos by cutting off their kangaroo court and jailing their adversary. It is clear in this 3 minute video on the RidleyReport:

I think we need to use the law to challenge these criminals in robes. I recommend The Rule of Law Radio. Randy and Deborah take the law into their own hands and use it on ‘the system’. You don’t have to look far in government to find our servants taking shortcuts and violating the law. Let’s hold them accountable to follow our rules.