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Logan Bell – Liberty Walk

April 6, 2010

Candidate for 24th Congressional District of NY, Logan Bell, is taking his campaign to the streets. In a real grass-roots effort Logan is walking from Binghamton to Utica spreading his message of liberty. He has been well received along his walk and reports today that he is heading north out of Norwich on route 12.

When he reaches Utica (approximately Thursday noontime) he will deliver a copy of the U.S. Constitution to the office of Rep. Mike Arcuri. Logan believes that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the guiding principles for our country and that Arcuri may need to reread the documents.

Start of Liberty Walk in Binghamton NY

Logan and supporters in Binghamton NY


Liberty for the New Year

January 3, 2010

The New Year has kicked off with a couple of encouraging announcements of Liberty minded people entering the political ring. On New Year’s day Logan Bell took to the cold snowy Ithaca Commons to announce his intention to run for Congress in the 24th district of New York. I was pleased to meet Logan and listen to his message of courage and liberty. I look forward to hearing more from him in the near future and hope he will be able to attend our Campaign for Liberty Meetup on Jan. 10th. He is off to a good start with coverage by the Ithaca Journal and I certainly wish him well covering this large Gerrymandered congressional district.

Liberty lovers also have a possible candidate for Governor. Thanks to Rich Cooper for his Ground Report article covering Warren Redlich’s intention to run for Governor of New York. Warren has a long history in the struggle for liberty and access to the ballot for parties outside the oligarchy. As people become aware of our one party system, the Dem/Rep con job will lose support and their bogus divisive issues will lose traction. Well, that’s my dream. Good luck Warren.

Race for N.Y.’s 24th district

October 28, 2008

The Ithaca Journal gives us the run down on the candidates to represent the 24th congressional district. Nothing very inspiring in this race.

They both believe the Federal government needs to rule over the abortion issue (using the commerce clause of the Constitution). I guess that is reasonable since the birth delivery of a child is reported to the Department of Commerce.

They agree on carbon credit trading, a scam to make environmentalist think government is saving the planet while the politicians fill the pockets of their donors.

They both either have no clue or wish to ignore the true problem associated with a fiat monetary system. Either way, you can not fix a problem by tinkering with a symptom.

Arcuri swore an oath to the Constitution to guarantee free health to all. I guess that is in the general welfare clause. It looks like Hanna just wants to nationalize regulation of health care; I get the feeling we don’t need States at all.

On energy, they once again quibble about bits and pieces and ignore the relationship of gas price to fiat money ratio. Inflation is not a natural event. It is a product of a monopoly banking system. It is a product that the average American can live nicely without.

Iraq; there was no way the Dems could stop the war (unless they cut funding). I’m not buying that stuff.

Campaign finance is the golden goose to be protected at any cost. Somehow I think it might be related to the fiat money system.

So here is my bottom line. I’m going to vote for Richard Hanna. Like Thomas Paine, I think we can do better without a political class. Mike Arcuri and 433 of his associates should be returned to the working class. And in two years we can get rid of Richard Hanna too.