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Economic Meltdown

March 19, 2009

Federal Reserve Notes, the stuff we call money, are backed by the full faith and credit of our dear leaders. That is why I call it ‘faith based’ money. The trouble comes naturally when people holding the paper lose faith. Back when money was gold and silver and banks handed out certificates as claims to the metals in the vault, a good old fashioned ‘run on the bank’ would take out the dishonest bankers and limit the damage to the crooks and their isolated victims.

Then came the ultimate (so far) banking fraud: the Federal Reserve System. This great system would be the cure to banking problems, no more economic distresses associated with ‘runs on the banks’. I’m not impressed.

Declan McCullagh has a review of Thomas Woods’ new book Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse. It looks like good reading, I’ll have to buy a copy while I can afford it.

Who is Eric Sundwall

March 11, 2009

Government of the people does not mean career politicians. Let’s get rid of the political class and restore the republic.

The Libertarian Party

November 5, 2008

The Libertarian party ignored its base and chose to run the CIA operative Bob Barr. That strategy worked as well as the Republicans choosing McCain. I chose to join the ‘party of principle’ to stand with a bit of pride in committing to follow my conscience. Without principles, the Libertarian party has little to offer.

Time to rethink the Libertarian Party

Written by James Ostrowski on November 5, 2008 – 10:11 am –

Bob Barr got trounced yesterday. He was the best-known candidate ever and he wasn’t even a hard-core libertarian such as Harry Browne. It’s hard even to get his national vote total.

I go back and forth on this, but I think it’s time to pull the plug. The system is rigged by the two parties so either stay of out the game or pick one of the parties and be active there. continued