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Stop Voting

August 20, 2009

Here is a thought from The Post-Standard, “The Reader’s Page” of August 19th.

Dissatisfied with pols?
How about not voting?
To the Editor:
I would like to give a view-
point on why people should
stop voting in America.
  When people are not satis-
fied with their wages, they
strike. When America does not
like what another country is
doing, we boycott. But when
Americans are disgruntled
with the way things are, we are
told to come out and vote.
  The wealthy control the pol-
iticians. They donate money to
back the guy who will work in
their best interests, not all of
our best interests. Both parties
play a game with the public,
and the public falls for it.
  As the American people re-
alize that it is both parties and
all of politics, more and more
people will stop voting!
             Alexander J. Russo

I agree, I need to unregister to vote. We need to remove the illusion of consent to this corrupt system. Long gone are the days of a government of the People.


Obama A Natural Born Citizen?

December 6, 2008

Does it matter? In the event that you have not noticed, the Constitution that we believe to be ‘the law of the land’ is dead. As W is quoted, it’s just GD piece of paper. Any literate person, who would bother to compare this great country of ours to the documents purported to construct our nation, would quickly understand that she was inspecting two different things. The Obama birth crisis will be the next thrust away from that silly ‘republic’ concept toward our rightful place as a pure Democracy.

It is interesting that had John Sidney McCain been the presumptive ruler of choice, the same question would hang; was he a natural born American? Does a military base in Panama count? Is it just a coincidence that both candidates might have brought about the same question?

Update: Political Class Dismissed has an example of a Hawaiian birth certificate.


November 20, 2008

We believe in America, The Constitution, the Rule of Law. We are taught these concept throughout our youth and we believe. We are taught that anarchy is chaos; to be avoided at all cost. Never question your beliefs.

Dont even think about questioning authority.

Don't even think about questioning authority.

Progressive Naomi Wolf waking up to liberty — AMAZING!

October 31, 2008

Lew Rockwell chats with Naomi Wolf in this 50 minute podcast.

This is an extraordinary exchange. Forget Obama, here is real hope! Light bulbs turning on, the real enemy (the state) becoming clear and new alliances forming… This is the way to destroy the divide and conquer strategy the U.S. State has used so effectively to keep it about “left” vs. “right” or whatever instead of what it should be about.

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Race for N.Y.’s 24th district

October 28, 2008

The Ithaca Journal gives us the run down on the candidates to represent the 24th congressional district. Nothing very inspiring in this race.

They both believe the Federal government needs to rule over the abortion issue (using the commerce clause of the Constitution). I guess that is reasonable since the birth delivery of a child is reported to the Department of Commerce.

They agree on carbon credit trading, a scam to make environmentalist think government is saving the planet while the politicians fill the pockets of their donors.

They both either have no clue or wish to ignore the true problem associated with a fiat monetary system. Either way, you can not fix a problem by tinkering with a symptom.

Arcuri swore an oath to the Constitution to guarantee free health to all. I guess that is in the general welfare clause. It looks like Hanna just wants to nationalize regulation of health care; I get the feeling we don’t need States at all.

On energy, they once again quibble about bits and pieces and ignore the relationship of gas price to fiat money ratio. Inflation is not a natural event. It is a product of a monopoly banking system. It is a product that the average American can live nicely without.

Iraq; there was no way the Dems could stop the war (unless they cut funding). I’m not buying that stuff.

Campaign finance is the golden goose to be protected at any cost. Somehow I think it might be related to the fiat money system.

So here is my bottom line. I’m going to vote for Richard Hanna. Like Thomas Paine, I think we can do better without a political class. Mike Arcuri and 433 of his associates should be returned to the working class. And in two years we can get rid of Richard Hanna too.

Who are the real socialists?

October 22, 2008

Is it possible that the bankster’s ploy of right v. left, red v. blue, divide & conquer is becoming too transparent to ignore?

Free New York on socialism in America:

Who are the real socialists?

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