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Tea Party Success

February 17, 2010

If the Tea Party concept is going to have any success it will need to quickly put aside stale old GOP ways of the past. As Warren Redlich points out in his blog post, the GOP trots out their old corporate favourites that don’t stand a chance of beating an unpopular incumbent. The meaty middle of the electorate is casting aside the corporate controlled Left v. Right game and pushing for candidates that will actually represent the People and send the lobbyist packing. The GOP can try to get in front of this parade but if they don’t change their ways the People will be marching right past them.


Tea Party

February 16, 2010

The N.Y. Times has a pretty good overview of the Tea Party movement. It’s a slightly lengthy article and I’d quibble over a few bits and pieces. I think this will be good to review at our upcoming Campaign for Liberty Meetup Sunday Feb 21 at 3:00.

Here are a few random paragraphs:

Worried about hyperinflation, social unrest or even martial law, she and her Tea Party members joined a coalition, Friends for Liberty, that includes representatives from Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project, the John Birch Society, and Oath Keepers, a new player in a resurgent militia movement.

Loose alliances like Friends for Liberty are popping up in many cities, forming hybrid entities of Tea Parties and groups rooted in the Patriot ethos. These coalitions are not content with simply making the Republican Party more conservative. They have a larger goal — a political reordering that would drastically shrink the federal government and sweep away not just Mr. Obama, but much of the Republican establishment, starting with Senator John McCain.

Fear of co-option — a perpetual topic in the Tea Party movement — lay behind the formation of Friends for Liberty.

The new grass-roots leaders of the inland Northwest had grown weary of fending off what they jokingly called “hijack attempts” by the state and county Republican Parties. Whether the issue was picking speakers or scheduling events, they suspected party leaders of trying to choke off their revolution with Chamber of Commerce incrementalism.

Liberty for the New Year

January 3, 2010

The New Year has kicked off with a couple of encouraging announcements of Liberty minded people entering the political ring. On New Year’s day Logan Bell took to the cold snowy Ithaca Commons to announce his intention to run for Congress in the 24th district of New York. I was pleased to meet Logan and listen to his message of courage and liberty. I look forward to hearing more from him in the near future and hope he will be able to attend our Campaign for Liberty Meetup on Jan. 10th. He is off to a good start with coverage by the Ithaca Journal and I certainly wish him well covering this large Gerrymandered congressional district.

Liberty lovers also have a possible candidate for Governor. Thanks to Rich Cooper for his Ground Report article covering Warren Redlich’s intention to run for Governor of New York. Warren has a long history in the struggle for liberty and access to the ballot for parties outside the oligarchy. As people become aware of our one party system, the Dem/Rep con job will lose support and their bogus divisive issues will lose traction. Well, that’s my dream. Good luck Warren.

Ithaca Campaign for Liberty Meetup

June 23, 2009

The Ithaca Campaign for Liberty Meetup will start regular monthly meetings on July 12th. We will meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 3:00 p.m. at Autumn Leaves Used Bookstore in the cafe upstairs. Meetings will be about an hour long and we will discuss various topics related to Liberty. All are welcome, please feel free to bring questions.

Ithaca Campaign for Liberty Meetup

April 20, 2009

I’m posting notes here about our last Meetup on April 19, 2009. Use the comments to fill in the holes in my memory.

We discussed the tax day information campaign which was pretty well attended. Special thanks to Carl and Theon for hanging in for the whole day. There was a ‘Tax Day Tea Party’ group at State street; while it was not advertised on the internet (as far as I could tell) they had a dozen or so folk there. Some from the Tea Party joined our group at the Post Office. Noticeably absent from the event this year were the anti-war groups. I guess the war is nothing to protest when there is a Dem. dictator in charge of the death machine.

We continued on to discuss the 12 Point Plan presented by Jim Ostrowski. He also has posted his speech from the Buffalo Tea Party held on April 18th. I believe that the real grass roots groups will outlast the Astroturf crowd. Electoral politics is a dead end, the game is rigged.

There is a new Tea Party Meetup in Ithaca. They have an event scheduled for April 25th. The Syracuse Meetup has an End The Fed rally on the 25th also. Just remember the Fed needs to be replaced with an honest money system, so end legal tender laws at the same time.

Our next Meetup is scheduled for May 17th at the Ithaca Farmers market. We will meet near the boat dock at 3:00 p.m. for about an hour. Bring a friend and share some Liberty.

Tax Day Tea Parties

April 13, 2009

The Ithaca Campaign for Liberty Meetup group will be gathering on April 15th to educate the public about the truth of our tax system. As the administrator of the Meetup (I fund it) I get to play dictator until I am overthrown. We had our tax day activities last year and naturally, we are doing it again this year. I’ve been asked if we are having a Tax Day Tea Party(TDTP), as though our event needs to grab onto a that special title.

I’ve looked into the TDTP groups and found a mixed bag. There are a lot of angry Americans out here looking for real solutions and they know that D.C. is not the place to look. There are also a lot of Republicans and conservatives feeling like they have been set adrift by the Republican Party. My concern is with the disingenuous types like Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich and American Solutions. I have no doubt that they have an agenda that is quite different than the true grassroots movement which pulled hard for Ron Paul. So, I have not labeled our Ithaca event as a TDTP.

There are genuine grass root organizations moving with the Tea Party theme and I hope there are enough of them to overwhelm the Astroturf versions. The disgruntled Republicans will be easy to spot, they will be the ones focused on Obama bashing. True Americans looking to restore the values that founded this nation know that both sides of the Duopoly are responsible for the rise and fall of the Imperial nation. We’ll have a good idea of the mix in the coming weeks.

Groups that I trust have their hearts in the right place:

I’ll look forward to an objective report from MCCS1977.

Ron Paul at NY Rally for Sundwall!

February 24, 2009

I don’t have the date for the rally yet because I just dreamed it up. Eric Sundwall is an honest believer in Liberty. He has adopted Dr. Paul four unifying principles. A look at the Campaign for Liberty site only finds one post mentioning Eric Sundwall, and the first comment suggests that that post should not have been there. If the Campaign for Liberty is a mere lobbying group, I may need to rethink the name of our Ithaca Meetup group. As far as I know Dr. Paul is not prohibited from endorsing a candidate for congress. I also have heard nothing from Dr. Paul on this race. He could provide a huge boost for the Sundwall campaign and he needs to remember to support his supporters.

Now, let’s set a date for the rally.

Maybe Lew Rockwell has a good write-up of the Sundwall campaign…nope

The Next Ron Paul

February 12, 2009

It is quite possible that Eric Sundwall will be the next Dr. No. Eric is running for the 20th Congressional District in the upcoming special election with Ron Paul’s unifying message of peace, liberty and honest money. He has the support of many disenfranchised citizens not only from his district but from across New York and across America.

The people of this country are fully aware that their ‘so called’ representatives only represent the interest of the hogs at the trough. While the average American may be able to contribute a few bucks to a campaign, the big money comes from those who receive the bailout bucks (money stolen from the average worker). Take a look at the contributions to the Republicrats like Tedisco. H/T PoliticalClassDismissed

You can bet the political class will throw up plenty of hurdles to challenge an outsider. Eric Sundwall and his army of supports are up for the challenge. We are coming to take back Our government.

Special Election to Replace Gillibrand

February 9, 2009

Great news from PoliticalClassDissmissed, Eric Sundwall will step up to challenge the status quo in the special election to replace Kirsten Gillibrand. Of course, the deck is stacked against any third party effort. While the Democrats and Republicans simply recede to their smoke filled rooms and reappear with their anointed candidates;
(as describe by the Daily Freeman)

Anyone who thinks a special election on short notice in a state as big as New York will be a democratic exercise hasn’t actually watched Empire State politics in action.

Case in point: the vacancy created in the 20th Congressional District by Gillibrand’s appointment.

With everyone expecting Paterson to start the 40-day clock ticking on a special election in that district, the county chairmen of the two major parties have convened. And what have they given the district? The Republicans anointed Jim Tedisco, a candidate who doesn’t even live in the district, and the Democrats introduced Scott Murphy, a candidate with lots of money who’s never held elective office and no one’s ever heard of. One of these two will win the election.

Mr Sundwall’s campaign will be forced to petition for ballot access. I believe the normal 6 week petitioning period is condensed for the special election to 12 days. As someone who has petitioned for ballot access, I can assure you this is a huge and unnecessary hurdle. I am confident that liberty lovers and Ron Paul supporters from around the state will converge to make the effort a great success.

The Daily Freeman opinion piece speaks liberally about democracy so I must insert the reminder that We the People secured for ourselves a republican form of government. To understand what a republic is please visit The Hubbardtown Patriot and read Martha Goodsell’s excellent description.

Walk For Liberty Leaving New York

November 12, 2008

Will Buchanan is walking across America in support of the Free State Project and the Campaign for Liberty. The Free State Project is a plan to concentrate Liberty minded individuals in New Hampshire. It will serve as an example of what is possible in a state of Liberty.

As he walks across the country, Will documents his travel and thoughts on Youtube. On November 11, 2008, Will crossed from Pennsylvania into New York on Route 5.

I met Will, Nov 22, near Auburn, NY. He was walking with a reporter from the Auburn Citizen (here is the article). We had a good walk and talk and ended the day in Elbridge, NY.

Update: Dec. 10, Will is starting the day near Pittstown, NY. He will finish his trip through New York today.

Will Buchanan walking for liberty through central New York.

Will Buchanan walking for liberty through central New York.

Will and Brooke at the end of the day.

Will and Brooke at the end of the day.