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Linux Printer Addition

October 31, 2015

Linux has come a long way, I’ve been running it for too long to remember when I started. One little issue that continues, and would throw a new user a curveball, is the addition of new hardware. The manufacturers are geared toward the two big operating systems, so you’re not likely to get a disk with your new printer that installs a driver in your Linux (am I supposed to say GNU/Linux) system.

I bought a new Epson WF-2630 printer and had high hopes for magic to happen when I set it up and plugged it in. Well, of course, no magic. No driver, no printer.

I know my way around only as a layman long time user. CUPS is a good place to start; http://localhost:631 but still lacking the driver, no luck there. This job is going to require: the COMMAND LINE! Not necessarily a big deal, but scary for newbs.

So the point of this post is to point you to a couple of resources that made my install reasonably easy. First get the driver from Epson, note their instructions for installing LSB and download the right version for your system.

EpsonPrinterOK, you may need to do more research on .deb, .rpm, and .tar.gz and I may have this piece overly complicated. I run Mint and chose the .rpm path. The .rpm will get converted to a .deb (this is sounding like an unnecessary step, I’m always learning) through instructions found at the Linux Foundation.

And with that done you can go to your printer control, system-config-printer on the command line will get you there, where you’ll find the new printer as an option to add (assuming it is connected and turned on).

It’s not a big ordeal but it needs to be easier for those who are not familiar with the command line.