Warren Redlich for Governor of New York

Gubernatorial Candidate Challenges New York Establishment

Albany lawyer Warren Redlich anounced his candidacy for New York governor on Monday, Feb. 1st at 10am in the Legislative Correspondents Association Press Room in the Legislative Office Building.

I’m glad to hear Warren Redlich has decided to run for Governor of New York. It sounds like he has been convinced that support is in place for his campaign. I’m sure he will attract a lot of support from Tea Party activist looking for real small government candidates.


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2 Responses to “Warren Redlich for Governor of New York”

  1. Frederick Says:

    Second Amendment, Eminent Domain, Traffic Enforcement, Drug Policy Reform, he’s got me there. I’d even be interested in seeing what compromises he’d strike in his top tier issues. There’s still that pesky legislature. Even my latent lefty self would vote for him over Patterson in a heartbeat.

  2. Albany Lawyer Says:

    Even lefty types are shocked when they hear some of the public payroll numbers – $688K to run a library; $641K to the head of a state university; $130K to run some parking garages …

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