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Stop Voting

August 20, 2009

Here is a thought from The Post-Standard, “The Reader’s Page” of August 19th.

Dissatisfied with pols?
How about not voting?
To the Editor:
I would like to give a view-
point on why people should
stop voting in America.
  When people are not satis-
fied with their wages, they
strike. When America does not
like what another country is
doing, we boycott. But when
Americans are disgruntled
with the way things are, we are
told to come out and vote.
  The wealthy control the pol-
iticians. They donate money to
back the guy who will work in
their best interests, not all of
our best interests. Both parties
play a game with the public,
and the public falls for it.
  As the American people re-
alize that it is both parties and
all of politics, more and more
people will stop voting!
             Alexander J. Russo

I agree, I need to unregister to vote. We need to remove the illusion of consent to this corrupt system. Long gone are the days of a government of the People.