$100 Bills?

I don’t recall where I saw it and it seems meaningless, someone had reported banks running short on one hundred dollar bills. I had a large check that needed cashing and went off to a Bank of America branch to cash it. The report was not at the top of my mind so I was just a little surprised when the clerk asked if I’d prefer 20’s or 50’s. I asked if the Fed was having a hard time keep up with their printing. He said they were getting a shipment.

I did a bit of searching to see if there were any stories to be found but haven’t even been able to find where I originally heard this rumor. With my government paranoia raging I have to wonder what they are plotting. Is this part of a plot to end cash? Will they leave us with only $1 dollar bills so we can buy gum and candy without resorting to plastic?

It seems to me they should be going the other way and rolling out the $1000 dollar bills so we can get lunch at the street vendors.


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