Ron Paul at NY Rally for Sundwall!

I don’t have the date for the rally yet because I just dreamed it up. Eric Sundwall is an honest believer in Liberty. He has adopted Dr. Paul four unifying principles. A look at the Campaign for Liberty site only finds one post mentioning Eric Sundwall, and the first comment suggests that that post should not have been there. If the Campaign for Liberty is a mere lobbying group, I may need to rethink the name of our Ithaca Meetup group. As far as I know Dr. Paul is not prohibited from endorsing a candidate for congress. I also have heard nothing from Dr. Paul on this race. He could provide a huge boost for the Sundwall campaign and he needs to remember to support his supporters.

Now, let’s set a date for the rally.

Maybe Lew Rockwell has a good write-up of the Sundwall campaign…nope


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