The Next Ron Paul

It is quite possible that Eric Sundwall will be the next Dr. No. Eric is running for the 20th Congressional District in the upcoming special election with Ron Paul’s unifying message of peace, liberty and honest money. He has the support of many disenfranchised citizens not only from his district but from across New York and across America.

The people of this country are fully aware that their ‘so called’ representatives only represent the interest of the hogs at the trough. While the average American may be able to contribute a few bucks to a campaign, the big money comes from those who receive the bailout bucks (money stolen from the average worker). Take a look at the contributions to the Republicrats like Tedisco. H/T PoliticalClassDismissed

You can bet the political class will throw up plenty of hurdles to challenge an outsider. Eric Sundwall and his army of supports are up for the challenge. We are coming to take back Our government.


One Response to “The Next Ron Paul”

  1. Morris Guller Says:

    Mike, you are absolutely right!

    A lot of Democrats (including me) are supporting Eric in this Special Election.

    It comes down to a simple choice between two guys who don’t know this District and the one guy who does – Eric Sundwall.

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