Special Election to Replace Gillibrand

Great news from PoliticalClassDissmissed, Eric Sundwall will step up to challenge the status quo in the special election to replace Kirsten Gillibrand. Of course, the deck is stacked against any third party effort. While the Democrats and Republicans simply recede to their smoke filled rooms and reappear with their anointed candidates;
(as describe by the Daily Freeman)

Anyone who thinks a special election on short notice in a state as big as New York will be a democratic exercise hasn’t actually watched Empire State politics in action.

Case in point: the vacancy created in the 20th Congressional District by Gillibrand’s appointment.

With everyone expecting Paterson to start the 40-day clock ticking on a special election in that district, the county chairmen of the two major parties have convened. And what have they given the district? The Republicans anointed Jim Tedisco, a candidate who doesn’t even live in the district, and the Democrats introduced Scott Murphy, a candidate with lots of money who’s never held elective office and no one’s ever heard of. One of these two will win the election.

Mr Sundwall’s campaign will be forced to petition for ballot access. I believe the normal 6 week petitioning period is condensed for the special election to 12 days. As someone who has petitioned for ballot access, I can assure you this is a huge and unnecessary hurdle. I am confident that liberty lovers and Ron Paul supporters from around the state will converge to make the effort a great success.

The Daily Freeman opinion piece speaks liberally about democracy so I must insert the reminder that We the People secured for ourselves a republican form of government. To understand what a republic is please visit The Hubbardtown Patriot and read Martha Goodsell’s excellent description.


One Response to “Special Election to Replace Gillibrand”

  1. Morris Guller Says:

    This Special Election offers us a Special Opportunity to elect a Special independent candidate for the job.

    Eric Sunwall is running as an independent in the upcoming Special Election. Eric lives in the District and has run for this seat before.

    He is an average guy with exceptional communicative skills and has a complete understanding of the District and the people he will represent.

    Eric will not be selected by “party bosses” but will come to the ballot by way of over 5,000 signatures of registered voters in the district who support him.

    Mr. Sundwall is probably the only candidate in the race who could meet such a high threshold to get onto the ballot. He has sold grass roots support from the folks he will represent. He knows our needs and wants and he is fighter in the respect that he will make things happen for us in Washington as our Representative.

    We now have three candidates to choose from and I hope everyone voting in this Special Election will take a look at the candidacy of Eric Sundwall.


    Morris Guller
    Lexington, New York

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