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Global warming in an Ice Age

January 28, 2009

Climate change, is it science or politics? Of course, politicians will latch on to anything they can use to further their control and manipulation of the masses. With Al Gore leading the charge I’ve been skeptical from the start. Being surrounded by hoards of true believers I figured I should at least look into the issue. The believers will hit you with some impressive charts showing the past century of data. Sure enough, temperatures are rising over the last hundred years.

Sure enough, temperatures are rising.

Sure enough, temperatures are rising.

If this were just a scientific issue the next question would be, is that all the available data? But this is political so the question will not be brought up.

Let’s look a little deeper into the data. Now, you can see the pre-human data.

450 thousand years of data

450 thousand years of data

As you can see we are near historical peaks. You should note man (Homo sapien) has only been around for 20,000 years. Since we are not higher than historical peaks of temperature it is pretty hard to believe “global warming” is produced by humans. But if we can find evidence of Homo rhodesienis and their fossil fuel burning industries, I could be turn into a believer.

One last chart shows that temperatures over the past 8,000 years have been slightly declining.

Note a slight cooling trend for the past 8,000 years.

Note a slight cooling trend for the past 8,000 years.

The historical data suggests that we are more likely to be headed for a deeper ice age. Nothing to be alarmed about the earth survived all of the previous “climate changes”. Nature is very adaptable, evolutionary in a way.

Musical Interlude

January 19, 2009

It’s nice when a good message meets good music.

Flo White Money Bomb 3:37

My Government Savings

January 7, 2009

Thanks to Manuel Lora I’ve discovered my secret savings account. According to the Wall Street Journal:

That has resulted in a rise in the personal saving rate, which the government calculates as the difference between earnings and expenditures.

So, do you think our dear leaders calculate taxes into that chunk of expenditures? I doubt that, it’s more like the half of my earnings that is not going into food and housing is really a savings account. I think we’ll need to rename the IRS to something like the Savings Squad!