What 16th Amendment?

The larger question may be ‘What 1st Amendment?’. Bill Benson has researched the 16th Amendment in great detail and Jeff Dickstein has been brilliantly defending Bill’s right to speak.

16th Amendment Attacked In The 7th Circuit

Attorney Jeff Dickstein rips into US Appeals Panel re
Benson’s 1st Amendment Right to denounce 16th Amendment

U.S. v. William Benson, 08-1312 and 08-1586 (7th Circuit)
Report of Oral Arguments

On Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 2008, oral arguments were held in the 7th Cir. Court of Appeals for the appeal of U.S. v. Benson.

The District Court issued an injunction, enjoining Bill Benson from selling his “Reliance Defense” package, but denied the government the list of people who purchased the package from Bill. A complete explanation of the case and why it is so important, can be read at http://jeffdickstein.com . Bill appealed, and the government filed a cross appeal. ….continue…


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