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Tax Revolt Convoy to Albany, December 3rd–Truckers Welcome!

November 21, 2008

Tax Revolt Convoy to Albany, December 3rd–Truckers Welcome!

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November 20, 2008

We believe in America, The Constitution, the Rule of Law. We are taught these concept throughout our youth and we believe. We are taught that anarchy is chaos; to be avoided at all cost. Never question your beliefs.

Dont even think about questioning authority.

Don't even think about questioning authority.

Not so FreeTalkLive

November 15, 2008

FreeTalkLive host, Ian, arrested and jailed in Keene N.H. for contempt of court. The dispute arose over a tenant’s couch on a porch. The code enforcement issue is taking a bite out of the wallets of the Keene taxpayers. Bureaucrats serving themselves at the expense of the people protect their egos by cutting off their kangaroo court and jailing their adversary. It is clear in this 3 minute video on the RidleyReport:

I think we need to use the law to challenge these criminals in robes. I recommend The Rule of Law Radio. Randy and Deborah take the law into their own hands and use it on ‘the system’. You don’t have to look far in government to find our servants taking shortcuts and violating the law. Let’s hold them accountable to follow our rules.

Walk For Liberty Leaving New York

November 12, 2008

Will Buchanan is walking across America in support of the Free State Project and the Campaign for Liberty. The Free State Project is a plan to concentrate Liberty minded individuals in New Hampshire. It will serve as an example of what is possible in a state of Liberty.

As he walks across the country, Will documents his travel and thoughts on Youtube. On November 11, 2008, Will crossed from Pennsylvania into New York on Route 5.

I met Will, Nov 22, near Auburn, NY. He was walking with a reporter from the Auburn Citizen (here is the article). We had a good walk and talk and ended the day in Elbridge, NY.

Update: Dec. 10, Will is starting the day near Pittstown, NY. He will finish his trip through New York today.

Will Buchanan walking for liberty through central New York.

Will Buchanan walking for liberty through central New York.

Will and Brooke at the end of the day.

Will and Brooke at the end of the day.

The Reform Movement

November 11, 2008

As surfing happens, one thing leads to the next; investigating a quotation led me to a little book at Google.

Imperialism in America Its Rise and Progress By Sarah E. Van De Vort Emery 1892
Once I found the quotation I had searched for I needed to find the context of this little book. It is pretty clear that it is written from a socialist perspective. Mrs. Emery does a very nice job of sorting out the ‘political tricksters’. I think she fell just a bit off point by dividing the social order as capital vs. labor. The problem there is that labor is human capital. Nevertheless she points out the problems associated with ‘money’ manipulation in a very understandable way.

I find it interesting that problems we face today are the same problems of the country over 100 years ago. I am encouraged to know the battle for Liberty has been quietly continuing for such a long time. On the other hand we have been slowly losing ground to the Hamiltonian vision.

Some interesting pieces:

Today they know that Republicanism or Monarchy must go down. These conditions cannot remain co-existent when brought in daily contact with each other. The governments of the world must assume one form or the other, and to overthrow Republicanism in America is to give a new lease of life to the despotisms of the old world.

When the morning of the twentieth century dawns upon this country, it will either look upon a nation of slaves or a nation of freemen.

From time immemorial governments have been instituted, nations have risen, flourished, and then ignominiously passed away, and in every case we find the oppression of the masses has been the signal of dissolution. Republics die because the people become indifferent to the boon of liberty, and their children, unmindful of the fact that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” let go their hold upon the principles which underlie self-government, and ere they are aware the boon of freedom is lost to them forever.

We find, then, that by controlling money, land, machinery and transportation it is an easy matter to control the labor of a people, and we find by taking advantage of these conditions a very few men are practically controlling this country with its 63,000,000 population.

The man who toils from year to year for the bare necessaries of life is a slave, whether it be on the cotton plantation of Mississippi or the cotton factory of Massachusetts, whether he be a black man or a white man, whether he be called a bondman or a freedman.

The first step is to gain control of the money; with power to inflate or contract it at pleasure. With this power all other sources of wealth are at the command of the money monger, who by producing a scarcity of his commodity is enabled to seize upon them at such prices as he may dictate.

There is no lever more powerful than prejudice, and nothing that fires the blood like the word “patriotism.” To the average man disloyalty to country embodies the entire category of crime, and to act in accordance with its best interests in his estimation is a virtue that atones for manifold sins.

There is no slavery so insidious as that of financial slavery, none which reduces the people to such depths of degradation and none to which they submit with such complacency; for their chains under the guise of freedom are unseen, and their clanking is drowned amid the boastful din of “our liberties.”

There is and always has been a class of men who seem to think the Almighty excepted them from the curse pronounced upon the human race, and that it is their special prerogative to eat their bread by the sweat of somebody else’s brow. Accordingly their chief study is to devise means by which they may obtain possession of what others have earned. Brave men accomplish this by means of physical prowess and valor, but cowards conceal themselves behind a barricade of law.

The money power is composed of the leaders of both of these parties, and however much they may feign to differ politically, their moneyed interests are identical.

The war of the rebellion wiped out chattel slavery, but out of its ashes has sprung a more gigantic system of wage slavery, founded on a system of monopolies and trusts – a mammon god – whose purpose is to consolidate the corporations, seize the powers of government and declare an empire.

The Libertarian Party

November 5, 2008

The Libertarian party ignored its base and chose to run the CIA operative Bob Barr. That strategy worked as well as the Republicans choosing McCain. I chose to join the ‘party of principle’ to stand with a bit of pride in committing to follow my conscience. Without principles, the Libertarian party has little to offer.

Time to rethink the Libertarian Party

Written by James Ostrowski on November 5, 2008 – 10:11 am –

Bob Barr got trounced yesterday. He was the best-known candidate ever and he wasn’t even a hard-core libertarian such as Harry Browne. It’s hard even to get his national vote total.

I go back and forth on this, but I think it’s time to pull the plug. The system is rigged by the two parties so either stay of out the game or pick one of the parties and be active there. continued

What 16th Amendment?

November 1, 2008

The larger question may be ‘What 1st Amendment?’. Bill Benson has researched the 16th Amendment in great detail and Jeff Dickstein has been brilliantly defending Bill’s right to speak.

16th Amendment Attacked In The 7th Circuit

Attorney Jeff Dickstein rips into US Appeals Panel re
Benson’s 1st Amendment Right to denounce 16th Amendment

U.S. v. William Benson, 08-1312 and 08-1586 (7th Circuit)
Report of Oral Arguments

On Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 2008, oral arguments were held in the 7th Cir. Court of Appeals for the appeal of U.S. v. Benson.

The District Court issued an injunction, enjoining Bill Benson from selling his “Reliance Defense” package, but denied the government the list of people who purchased the package from Bill. A complete explanation of the case and why it is so important, can be read at . Bill appealed, and the government filed a cross appeal. ….continue…